Who are the primary users and beneficiaries of CompConfidence’s services?

The primary users of the DOCDOLLAR$ automated compensation software system are finance, payroll and compensation specialists. The output of the DOCDOLLAR$ system is leveraged by many beneficiaries: the finance department, budget department, compensation department, payroll, executive administration, compliance department, practice leadership, board members/partners, and most importantly the top line producers, doctors, and other medical providers.​

What if I only set salaries once a year, how does CompConfidence help me?

The answer is, if you can model, project and/or recalibrate salaries dynamically for the same dollar spend to best meet the business risks and operating needs of your organization, why wouldn’t you? Don’t settle for what you can do today with the limited resources you have available. Embark on a new pathway that brings cost effectiveness, accountability, transparency and reproducibility to your provider compensation plan.

What is my level of effort for onboarding your system?

You provide us your data to interface/import into the DocDollar$ system. We configure the system for you. We debrief and train your staff on a fully configured live system that is ready for your use. The entire onboarding process can be done virtually. Our job is to make yours easy.

How affordable is CompConfidence?

We understand the need to be price sensitive. We understand that customers only want to pay for what they need. We have designed a pricing model that is scalable reflecting all practice size needs. We are confident that the cost of CompConfidence is comparable or less than what you currently incur.  Free up your limited personnel resources today with CompConfidence and allow them to “Reward with Intelligence.”

How do the top line producers benefit from CompConfidence?

  • Full transparency of how their compensation was calculated and what changed

  • Routine reporting of metrics that impact their compensation

  • Improved confidence in the accuracy, accountability, reproducibility and timeliness of salary adjustments

What are the most tangible benefits to the administrative departments of a practice?

Finance, compensation specialists, budget, payroll and executive departments experience the benefits of an automated compensation software system for their top line producers, including:

    • Reporting of actual to budget compensation expense by department and/or department by person

    • No more crunch time chaos to complete salary recalculations or incentive true-ups in time for payroll upload deadlines

    • Comparative information of each salary component change and/or incentive true-up for each person within each director’s responsibility facilitating transparency and communications

    • Reporting of standardized metrics that measure the cost-effectiveness of the compensation plan

    • No more mistakes in calculations for a formula that wasn’t propagated across the manual process