Based out of Austin, Texas, CompConfidence is led by experienced professionals like you. Our CEO has over 40 years’ career experience in the industries of public accounting, banking, manufacturing, consulting and healthcare. He has served in the capacities of Administrator, Analyst, CFO, Principal and CEO. He has lived compensation issues, especially provider compensation, firsthand.

Based out of Austin Texas

Top 4 reasons CompConfidence was created in order to make your organization better:

  • The needs of CEOs, CFOs and Administrators to provide their leaders with measurable, transparent, comparable and comprehendible metrics
  • The risks of reliance on skilled, but limited personnel to administer and distribute your organization’s compensation plans
  • Supporting documentation regarding compensation system results for purposes of compliance and federal and state regulations
  • To support morale and instill confidence in your organization’s reward system from your top line producers​


Our Team:


J. “Jack” Grant Foster

Founder, CEO

35 years of healthcare experience as CFO, CEO, Administrator, and Consultant, including hospitals and medical groups and has extensive experience in the area of physician compensation plans and the requisite regulatory compliance requirements

Bonnie R. Foster

Co-Founder, Chief of Staff

A retired educator with over a decade in healthcare administration and well versed in the industry standard data required for provider compensation plans

Stephanie R. Curtis

CTO, VP of Digital Strategy

20 years of IT experience including software development, business requirements analysis, project management, and IT strategy with specific experience in medical compensation software development

Elaine M. Vornsand

VP of Customer Experience

10+ years of experience in the development, implementation, and execution of customer experience contact management programs and activity-based key performance indicators

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